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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Pride and Patriotism: Stamford’s Role in World War II
Online Edition

The Exhibit

A Walk Through the Exhibit
The Hallway

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dress white hat worn by Ed Domagala, marine uniform hat worn by Chet Buttery, photo album by Ed Domagala
Dress White Hat worn by Marine Edward Domagala
Marine Uniform Hat. Gift of Chester W. Buttery
Album cover
Marine Photo Album created by Edward Domagala
while serving in the Pacific.
Courtesy of Adele Domagala
selection from Mort Walker's scrapbook
Part of Mort Walker’s 1945/46 scrapbook
Marine Corps Dress Jacket worn by Chet Buttery
Marine Corps Dress Jacket worn by Chet Buttery in WWII
Gift of Chester W. Buttery, Jr.

Civil Defense Items. Stamford Historical Society

Civil Defense Items. 48-star American Wool Flag civil defense helmet AirRaid Warden Manual
Civil Defense helmet. Gift of Walter Frese 1988 F854-1 48-star American Wool Flag , U54-153. Donor unknown


patriotic birthday card
1944 Birthday Card. Courtesy of Laurel & Francis Cooley
patriotic note cards
Patriotic Note Cards. Stamford Historical Society

The Red Gallery
The Halliday Gallery
Opening Day Photos

KILROY WAS HERE drawn by Mort WalkerIntroduction
Stamford Service Rolls
Exhibit Photos
Opening Day