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Pride and Patriotism: Stamford’s Role in World War II
Online Edition

Stamford Service Rolls
updated February 10, 2012

A Reconstructed List of Names from Stamford's World War II Service Roll
by Ronald Marcus

Dedication of the Service Roll on June 1, 1943
Dedication of the Service Roll on June 1, 1943. The Stamford Advocate.

Shortly after America's entry into WWII, many counties, districts, cities and towns throughout the country began to erect service rolls. Upon these were placed individual names, as a means of honoring their men and women who were serving in the armed forces. The rolls emerged in many forms and designs, most of which were constructed of wood, though a number were also cast in metal. Unless the roster contained multiple names and was metallic, in many cases the list was affixed to the service roll's main section either in the form of a nameplates or wooden slats affixed to a larger background or painted directly to the roll. Those erected by businesses, fraternal organizations and schools were usually placed in prominent locations within their facilities, while in most instances, municipalities favored setting theirs within a centrally located park. The sizes of these commemorative lists varied, depending primarily on the population of each community or organization. Continue reading

Service Roll List (Excel)

postcard, Stamford Service Roll, click for more
Downtown Stamford Service Roll
Bull's Head Roll of Honor, click for more
Bull's Head Roll of Honor
Liberty Street Service Roll 1944, click for more
Liberty Street Honor Roll
Machlett Laboratories Honor Roll
Machlett Laboratories Honor Roll

Stamford Service Rolls
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