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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Pride and Patriotism: Stamford’s Role in World War II
Online Edition

Stamford Service Rolls

Downtown Stamford Service Roll

Postcard: Downtown War Memorial

The Connecticut State Library has a photographic record (December 1945) of the names on the service roll. A star next to a name indicates that the person was killed in the war.
Images © Connecticut State Library

photograph of a section of the service roll, Connecticut State Library Detail from above photo. A star means killed in the war.

Before the monument was dismantled, veterans were allowed to take their shingles home.
Walter Wheeler  saved his and the one of his brother Thomas Wheeler.

the Wheeler Brothers' slats

Bull's Head Roll of Honor
Liberty Street Honor Roll
Machlett Laboratories Honor Roll

KILROY WAS HERE drawn by Mort WalkerIntroduction
Stamford Service Rolls
Exhibit Photos
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