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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Pride and Patriotism: Stamford’s Role in World War II
Online Edition

The Interviews

Irving Slifkin

textI was a student at University of Michigan. I got my BA before I went in. I volunteered for the Navy Air Force. V-5 program. It was to train aviation cadets for flying. Went to Detroit to cadet selection board and signed up. They called me for a physical and testing…I could stay in school until I got called up. Would bring me in with large group in December 7, 1942. They let me finish the year.

The Army activated all its reserves in February 1942. I got orders to report at the end of March 1942. They made an arrangement so we could stay in school till June to finish up. I finished, went home to Tarrytown NY, but then I was in the NY state cadet seletion board jurisdiction, so had to go to them. They had all slots filled up, so I didn’t actually go on active duty till August 30, 1942. Went to ground school, learned navigation, celestial naviagation, I was sent to Colgate University for three months, then to University of South Carolina for first flight lessons, then to University of North Carolina for flight school. Then back to the Naval Air Station in Michigan, where we started doing some serious flying. Flew N2S5 the yellow perils, biplanes. These were training planes…..we were not specialized yet as to what we would be flying in the end… (malfunctioning tape)

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Photos Courtesy Irving Slifkin

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