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Obituaries of Noted Stamfordites

Charles O. Miller

Charles O. Miller obituary title, The Advocate, click for fileObituary in The Advocate (PDF file)
(no date on clipping, but somewhere between July and September 1919)


The Guide to Nature Magazine
September 1919

So considerate, so large-hearted, so genial, so efficient, so good—good all the way through the week, in church and in business—so essential to the community, so radiating all the best things of life that it seems impossible to realize that Charles O. Miller is dead.

Strictly speaking he is not dead. A man of his kindly regard for fellow men and enthusiasm for the wholesome and uplifting things of life cannot die. He has by his innumerable kindnesses built a compound monument in the hearts of all those who knew him that will continue to inspire to greater and better things. It was an inspiration merely to have met him. His physical presence as well as his words radiated the great and good in life. We are glad to claim him a Life Member of The Agassiz Association to which he gave not only money but personal encouragement. Mr. Miller's success as the leading dry goods merchant of Stamford, and his participation in many other lines of Stamford business are well-known to everybody in this vicinity. He was actively interested in the Stamford Hospital, Stamford Historical Society and in fact everything that tended to benefit this community. He was an ideal business man, friend and Christian.

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