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Stamford Historical Society Research Library
590.5 A
6 Boxes, 1908-1935


Finding Aid for years of 1908 through 1919

Magazine Issue Content related to Stamford
June 1908 “Maplewood”, P.G. Howes, Stamford.
September 1908 Rev. Addison´s children´s garden at St. John´s Episcopal Church.
Dr. Bigelow´s garden on Grove St., Stamford.
January 1909 Picture of Ed. F. Bigelow, Stamford, Pres. of Agaziss Association. Since 1907.
Rev. Chas. M. Addison
Homer Cummings, Secretary of Agaziss Association.
June 1909 A.A. moved from Willow St., Stamford to Arcadia.
August 1909 Article in regard to minerals of Stamford by Wm. C. Banks.
Shippan, Cove, Grove & Henry Sts., Talmadge Hill & West Ave.
December 1909 Article in regard to garnets in North Stamford by Wm. Banks.
January 1910 Article in regard to Nat. Adams & Hubbard Ave., who owned homes.
February - March 1910 Article in regard to Glenbrook, etc., & who owned homes.
Revonah Manor Park & picture of Alfred Hoyt´s early house.
Picture & article Rev. Wm. J. Long´s home, Noroton Hill.
Article by Geo. W. Lockwood, Long Ridge.
Article by Wm. E. Butler, Glenbrook.
April 1910 Picture Thos Gardner Rich home, Atlantic St.
Picture Wells R. Ritch home, Atlantic St., built 1835, to be removed.
Gothic Hall for Library.
Article in regard to Cove houses.
Part II picture & article of Dr. Wm. J. Long.
Article by Geo. W. Lockwood, Long Ridge & Paul Lockwood.
June 1910 Pictures & article Shippan Clubs.
Homes of Jevne & Parsons.
Crane property.
New Alhambra Theater.
Case Acres, home of Mrs. Thos. S. Gray, Newfield.
Sammis Farm, Newfield.
Article in regard to Maria Mitchell, Vassar.
Davenport home, 1775.
Connecticut Farms
July 1910 Picture (front cover) & article in regard to Fitch Hoyt, Long Ridge Rd.
Picture & article in regard to houses on Hubbard Ave. & North St. as Powell, Rowell Homes, etc.
Article in regard to Nirvana by Nathalie Bonner.
August 1910 Picture of John B. Knapp home, Richmond Hill, built 1750, purchased by Dr. Givens, made into tenement, will come down.
Revonah Manor homes.
September 1910 Picture (Front cover) & article Dr. Robert Morris home.
View of Broad St.
October 1910 Who owned homes on Palmer´s Hill by J. A. Powell.
China ptg. from nature by Wm. D. Dagleish, Glenbrook.
November 1910 Picture & article Wire Mill.
Split Rock, North Stamford, Miss Hoyt & Miss. Lockwood.
Article by Wm. C. Banks on native tin.
December 1910 Article by Paul Lockwood.
Picture of Long Ridge Rd.
Shippan house for sale.
Sloop of Arthur W. Devenport.
January 1912 Picture of Halloween Park on cover, photo by J. Walter Davis.
Feb 1912 Picture & article in regard to “Arcadia.”
Back cover Picture of Interior Frost & Bartlett Co., Stamford.
March 1912 Pic & article in regard to Stamford Water Co. by A.L. Embree.
April 1912 Pictures (many interiors) of C.O. Miller store, Stamford.
Article in regard to Stamford & Stamford Advocate.
Hommer Cummings on Board of Agaziss magazine.
Picture & article on decline of chestnut trees.
May 1912 Picture & article Shippan Point.
Picture & article W.H. Arthur, Supt. of Public Works, Stamford.
Picture of E.B. Hoit & large fish he caught.
Wm. Waterbury, Town Clerk & large clams.
Article by Paul Howes, Maplewood Museum, Stamford.
June 1912 John Phillips, shoe dealer, home of Forest St. opp. High School.
Mr. Weed of Diamond Ice Co.
July 1912 Pictures (many) & article in regard to Dr. Givens Sanitorium.
September 1912 Pictures & article in regard to Charles H. Lounsbury of Stamford - his summer home “Treetops” in the Catskill Mts.
November 1912 Advertisment Picture of Voska & Ottto, Tailors, 45 - 47 Bank St. Washington building.
Pictures Many interiors & article of Lockwood & Palmer, Stamford.
Picture & article in regard to Mr. H.R. Smith, corner of Bedford & Oak Sts. grows ginseng, Stamford.
December 1912 Picture & article in regard to Judson W. Delap summer home “Denhurst” Stamford.
Poem by Chas. H. Crandall.
January 1913 Picture of Old Wire Mill bridge by Mrs. Fred H. Sackett.
Maplewood Museum, Paul Howes.
Article In regard to doe in Long Ridge.
Picture & article Mr. Vanderwerken, Beekeeper on Highland Rd.
Picture & article Halloween Park.
Feb 1913 Interior picture & article Hoyt Furniture & Undertaking.
Picture & article Mausoleum, Woodland Cemetery.
March 1913 Pictures Interior of Frost & Bartlett Tree Co., Stamford.
April 1913 Pictures & article Brook Hollow Farm, Arthur W. Francis.
May 1913 Pictures & article E.B. Hoit market (Grand Central Market).
June 1913 Picture of sailing vessel “Hattie M. Bird”, Captain E.B. Palmer, Harbormaster, West Waterside.
August 1913 Picture & article Blickensderfer Typewriter Co. building.
At 644 Atlantic St., int. of plant, Geo. & Wm. In their office, advertisment for No. 8 typewriter.
September 1913 Picture & article Dr. Robert Morris nut farm.
Edgar S. Weed found large piece of flint in Stamford.
October 1913 Picture & article Dr. Dean Foster, Den Rd., “The Dodging Place.”
November 1913 Ernest Harold Baynes, formerly of Stamford, produced a bird masque drama, finance help by Miss Helen Smith of Stamford.
Article on “Nirvana”
January1914 Picture & article of Howard L. Scofield Monument Works, Woodland Pl.
April - May 1914 “Basket-Makers of Connecticut Hills” with picture.
July 1914 Picture & article of Chas. Crandall
Maplewood Museum, Habitat, by Paul Howes.
August 1914 Stamford grinds up stone walls for making paved roads, who gave walls & what streets are paved with these. With pictures.
September 1914 Irving June, Riverbank, skunk farm, with picture.
November 1914 Picture & article, Van Dearing Perrine, artist, Deep Glen, High Ridge.
January 1915 Picture and article United German Silver Co. Springdale, CT., Jas G. MacKay.
Picture & article Stamford Saving Bank, interior & exterior views.
Article in regard to Kroeger Piano.
March 1915 Article by Dr. Robert T. Morris, Stamford, on War.
September 1915 Article & picture of Dr. Robert T. Morris home.
October 1915 Hillside Laboratory of Dr. Getman, Glenbrook Rd. (chemical laboratory).
March 1916 Article in regard to new Stamford Museum by Dr. Hertzberg.
April 1916 Article in regard to Camp Knokik, High Ridge, of Dr. Hertzberg; article on geology by W.C. Banks, Stamford.
June 1916 Article by Nathalie Alexander, Nirvana “Protest Against Starlings.”
August 1916 Article on geology by W.C. Banks.
Article in regard to public roads and private property by Cummings & Lockwood.
September 1916 Articles on nature by W.C. Banks, & also by Fred H. Getman.
December 1916 Pictures & article of Fred McDermant, Stamford. (From Plates, Puddings and Pies to Plants Gardening in North Stamford)
The Development of a Big Store (C.O. Miller).
January 1917 Pictures & article in regard to Rezo Waters, basket maker.
Article by Clason Hoyt Lockwood, also by Wm. J. Long.
Advertisement of No. 8 Blickensderfer Typewriter.
February 1917 Advertisment & article in regard to Kroeger piano.
Article in regard to “Silver & Gold” L.W. Snead.
April 1917 Article in regard to Ambert A. Kellogg shop on Luther St.
Article on C.H. Crandall & his poem “At Dawning.”
May 1917 Picture & article Advocate Building.
June 1917 Picture & article L.C. Root, Stamford, veteran beekeeper, son-in-law of Moses Quimby, N.Y. State.
August 1917 Picture & article of Stamford fireman planting garden behind firehouse.
Poem by Richard W. Hanes, Stamford.
September 1917 Picture & article in regard to Varuna Bottling Works (Polo Club), Varuna, Indian name for laughing or sparkling.
Ref. to Davenport and Dark Day.
October 1917 Picture & article on former Chas. H. Crandall home, Idylland, sold to Paul M. Barrows who had fruit farm, then renamed it Mayapple Farm.
November 1917 Picture & article of C.O. Miller, 10 pages, interior views.
Picture & article of J. Hudson Brown memorial gravestone, Woodland cemetery.
Picture & article & obituary of Judge Clason.
December 1917 Picture & article of Hon. Schuyler Merritt.
January 1918 Eulogy by Homer Cummings for Judge Robert. J. Walsh.
Advertisment for No. 9 Blickensderfer Typewriter.
Advertisment for Kroeger piano.
February 1918 A.C. Arnold, furniture repair, carpet laying, etc.
Picture & obituary of Hon. Edwin L. Scofield.
March 1918 Article on charcoal by Fred H. Getman, Stamford.
April 1918 Mr. Beehler (store) retiring.
May 1918 Coll. of birds of late Dr. Chas. E. Rowell, Mayor of Stamford, on loan.
Geo. P. Rowell, son, gave Indian coll.
Dr. R.R. Hertzberg, Stamford, gave coll. of specimens.
Glenbrook chapter formed.
Cartoon on back cover by Gaar Williams.
July 1918 Article in regard to Theo. Ferris giving land for playground.
Obituary of John A. Brown, Pres. of Stamford Trust Co. in 1891.
October 1918 Pictures & article of Mr. Max Kattwinkel residence, Southfield, Point, Southfield, Conn.
November 1918 Obituary of Dr. Albert Crane, Stamford.
Sound Beach Honor Roll made by St. John´s Woodworking Co.
December 1918 Picture & obituary of Sgt. Geo. H. Cornish, Stamford, worked at Blickensderfer and at Yale & Towne.
January 1919 William J. Blickensderfer Home, & advertisement, for No. 9 Blick.
February 1919 Wm. N. Keogh, Pres. of Stamford Lumber Co.
“Little Japan” Rest Cottage, Agaziss Grove, decorated by I.E. Raymond, Vantine Co.
March 1919 Mash Bakeries, Atlantic St., near Stamford Theater.
Rome Furniture Co. & avdertisment (also June).
July 1919 Glenbrook Chapter of Agaziss Association.
August 1919 Bruce Museum - Chas. A. Bruce, Long Ridge, gave arrow point coll., British musket, Colonial handkerchief, etc. Rev. Chas Morrison Addison, Stamford, gave Indian arrow points, baskets, beadwork, etc.
September 1919 Geo. P. Rowell, Stamford, has lent his entire coll. of Indian relics-arrow & spear points, pottery of South West Indians, wood & stone mortars, dresses, cradles, painted hides, stone axes & other Indian implements.
Picture & obituary of C.O. Miller.
October 1919 C.O. Miller gave his entire coll. of Indian relics before his death.
Mrs. Miller gave minerals & personal souvenirs.
Article on Siam by Geo. Pratt Ingersoll, Stamford, Conn., former Minister to Siam.
November 1919 Picture & article of Rev. Chas. Morrison Addison, Stamford.

Stamford residents may find out more about the Agassiz Association on JSTOR, by accessing Ferguson Online Research Databases: Go to JSTOR and sign in with your library card number, then search for “Agassiz Association.”

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