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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Law & Order: The History of the Stamford Police Department 1830-1956
a 2004 Exhibit and more

The Police Department As It Was And As It Is, 1894-1917
Chief of Police Wm. H. Brennan
Police Sergeants
Bureau of Dectives
Members of the Department
Mrs. Seraphina Klahre
Police Pension Fund


Issued on the Occasion of the
of the Stamford, Conn., Police Force
Monday, April Nine, Nineteen Seventeen
For the Benefit of the Pension Fund

Marcus Research Library

Chief of Police Wm. H. Brennan

Chief William Brennan 1917Chief of Police William H. Brennan was born in Stamford , June 14, 1865 . Chief Brennan represented the Second Ward in the first Common Council of the city of Stamford . He was appointed patrolman February 14, 1898 , was made acting-chief of police August 11, 1903 , and was appointed chief of police by Mayor Homer S. Cummings, August 14, 1905 .

Chief Brennan was elected vice-president of the State Police Association in July, 1905, and he was re-elected annually until 1912, when he was chosen president of the association, succeeding Henry D. Cowles of New Haven . He is also a member of the executive committee of the International Police Chiefs Association and he enjoys friendly relations with the heads of all the important police departments of the country.

Although a strict disciplinarian, Chief Brennan is a just and a kindly man. His executive ability is evident in the progress the department has made since he became its executive head.

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