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The Battles

The Battle of Angaur

map, Battle of Angaur, click for large image
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The Battle of Angaur was fought from 17 September to 30 September 1944 on the island of Anguar in the Palau Group. Paul J. Mueller commanded the American forces of 81st Infantry Division against Lt.General Sadao Inoue for the Japanese, who had

1400 troops on the island. The Campaign was named Operation Stalemate II. Angaur is a volcanic three mile long island, separated from its neighboring island Peleliu by a six mile wide strait. It is the southernmost of the Palau Islands, which lie 500 miles east of Mindanao. The Palau group islands were weakly defended and had good potential for airstrip construction. A shortage of landing craft delayed the US invasion until the Mariana Islands to the north were secure. On September 11 the bombardment of the island by the USS Tennessee, cruisers and dive-bombers from the USS Wasp, began. The landing followed on the 17th. American forces landed on the northeast and southeast coasts, where they encountered mines that slowed the advance. Following the eventual victory over the last Japanese enclave by the 322nd battalion, the battle ended. Japanese troops had also dug into caves. Not willing to spend lives to secure the caves, American forces simply used bulldozers to seal their entrances.

Angaur was the base of the 494th Bomb Group, 7th Air Force with four squadrons of Liberator B-24s (864th, 865th, 866th, and 867th Bomb Squadrons). They began flying missions in November 1944.

The American forces suffered 260 killed, 1354 wounded, and 940 incapacitated through accident or sickness. The Japanese had 1338 killed and 59 captured.

USS Tennessee
USS Tennessee
USS Wasp
USS Wasp
Jack Palmer Battle of Angaur
Pacific and Adjacent Theatres 1943 (map)

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