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Blickensderfer, William Jacob
Davenport, Adelaide Hutchings
Davenport, Harriet Grant Chesebrough
Dewing, Clark Leonard
Dewing, Hiram
Duffy, Edward
Gildemeister, Clara Parsons
Hanrahan, John T.
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Peters, The Reverend Cyril S.
Quintard, Elizabeth
Quintard, Mary “Polly”
Selleck, Charlotte Gregory
Selleck, George
Selleck, Harriet Banks
Selleck, James Weed
Selleck, Captain William
Studwell, Theodore
Towne, Frederick Tallmadge
Waterbury, Captain Marcus
Wilensky, Julius Morris


The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Best Face Forward
Portraits from the Society's Collection
April through September 2009

George Selleck (1802–1869)

George Selleck Pen and ink/watercolor wash
Artist unknown
Gift of Florence L. Selleck

George Selleck, eldest son of James Selleck’s second marrage to Joanna Morgan, was born in 1802. He was a half-brother of Captain William Selleck. He married his second cousin Harriet Banks on November 28, 1825. George was Norwalk’s first confectioner and a family member recalls that he was referred to as “Peppermint George” to distinguish him from two other George Sellecks living in Norwalk at that time. About 1840 he sold his Norwalk business and moved to New York City. His son’s diary states that his father “worked on the cars,” referring most likely to the New York trolleys.

Following Harriet’s death in 1846 George married a second time to Polly Wilcox of Norwalk on October 28, 1854. George was living at 11 Vandam Street in New York at the time of his death and is buried in Norwalk.

Harriet Banks Selleck
James Weed Selleck
Captain William Selleck
Charlotte Gregory Selleck

Image © Stamford Historical Society