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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Police Complaint Book 1909Law & Order: The History of the Stamford Police Department 1830-1956
a 2004 Exhibit and more

Police Blotters 1899-1934

The data below were assembled from the annual reports issued by the city. Since then, we have been notified that actual Complaint Books – large bound folios – do exist. They were rescued by the Police Department from a dumpster. One of them is on view in the exhibit. Note the typo on the cover.

The chart below represents all charges listed between 1899 and 1934, the last year these statistics were included in the reports. Reports from some early years are missing.

text on cover of police complaint book, note typo

All Charges

Chart representing all charges recorded form 1899 to 1934. Some early years are missing.

Population Census Data

1900 19101920 1930 1940
18,839 28,836 40,067 56,765 61,215

We have broken down the charges by group as best we could:

Alcohol and Drugs
Assault, Breach of Peace (BoP) not listed elsewhere
City Ordinances, other Violations
Court related, etc.
Domestic Crimes, etc.
Fraud, Robbery, Theft, etc.
Insanity etc.
Morals Charges
Murder Charges, Attempted Suicide, etc.
Property Damage, Arson, etc.
Vagrancy, Panhandling, etc.
Vehicle Violations
Weapons Charges
Other Charges

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