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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Stamford's Civil War: At Home and in the Field
a 2003 Exhibit and more

11th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Stamford Roster

Name Rank Enlistment
Other Information Mustered Out
Co A          
*Foley, Patrick Private 11/26/64 same deserted 8/18/65  
*McNamara, James Private 11/28/64 same deserted 8/29/65  
Co C          
Poinsot, Pierre Private 05/10/64 same wounded 7/30/64 Petersburg VA, deserted 10/11/64  
*Smith Edward Private 11/23/64 same discharged 10/2/65  
Co D          
McCue Frank Private 05/03/64 same wounded, 6/3/64 Petersburg VA, discharged 11/14/65, transferred. Co B 1st Regiment VRC 2/15/65  
Co E          
*Kelly, Thomas Private 11/25/64 same deserted to enemy 3/4/65  
*Martin, Frank Private 11/25/64 same deserted to enemy 1/22/65  
Co G          
Simpson, Peter Private 04/23/64 same captured 5/16/64 Drewry's Bluff VA, paroled 11/19/64, discharged on disability 9/21/65  
Co H          
Chancey, William Sergeant 04/19/64 same mustered Private, promoted Corporal 1/1/65, Sergeant 8/17/65, deserted 9/1/65  
*Petit, Joseph Private 10/30/64 same   12/21/65
Co K          
Saigun, Gilbert Private 04/15/64 same wounded 6/3/64 Cold Harbor VA, discharged on disability 10/20/64  
Unassigned recruits          
Beresford,Henry     04/11/64 transferred to Rgt. 5/6/64 failed to report NFR  
Farrell, James     04/23/64 transferred to Rgt. 5/6/64 failed to report NFR  

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