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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Stamford's Civil War: At Home and in the Field
a 2003 Exhibit and more

Diaries of Noah HoytThe Diaries of Noah W. Hoyt: Excerpts

Book IV p. 13, Port Hudson

…The Bombardment of Port Hudson began on Sunday the 27 of May, and such Cannonading has not been known before since the war began, on the 27 a Bloody Battle was fought, Bayonett charge was made upon their Batteries and four guns were taken, but our Loss at that Charge was about 800. A negro Regiment was engaged in the Charge, and they stood up to the rack, like heroes, for in that one Charge over 400 of them were killed and wounded. May 28 the Bombardment is till going on and the Wounded are being brought in to the hospitals and such sights I never wish to see again. Some are with a Ball through the head, some through the Body, others with a Leg of, and others with an arm off, and with a Bayonett hole through them and others Cut to Pieces with Shells…

Book IV p. 14. Port Hudson: Living in the Field

…May 31st,…there we sit Broiling in the Sun all day, and sleeping upon the hard baked Earth at night, with nothing for Shelter, except the heavens above, But of this we do not complain for that is nothing compared with the Pain and suffering we Endure from Wood Ticks and Fleas, it is almost an impossibility to lay down and sleep all night, with out having to get up, and shake the Fleas and Wood Ticks out of your shirt and Pants.

Book IV p. 15, Port Hudson

…June 4, we were marched up to the front, and for 24 hours we lay under the Rebles Breast Works, and although the Bullets flew like hail around us, we did not suffer from them as we did from the heat and the fleas, for there we lay with not a leaf to shade us… But when we were marched in to the entrenchment we thought our time had come for they opened up on us with shell…for 15 or 20 minutes we lay hugging the ground as our last Phantom of hope, expecting every moment to be our last, for the shells were Bursting above us and all around us, and had it not been for the Gun Boats opening on them as they did, I think we would have suffered Badly…

Book IV pp. 1-7, Port Hudson: Living in the Field

…I will now say a few words about the water, our water is very Poor, for it is nothing but the Drainings of the ground, and runs along through the ravines, and it is about the Color of the ground too, and we have to wash and Drink out of the Same Stream…When I say that I have seen in some Parts of that stream where we have to wash, the grease 1/8 of an inch thick on top of the water and Lice on the top of that, and also cralling along on the edge of the Stream and Sand, this as true as that the sun rises in the East…

Book IV pp. 19-20, Port Hudson

…June 13th the Day we opened fire on the Rebs again, in about one hour, they sent in flag of truce, for what, I don’t know, but the fireing was not so heavy after it, During that day, and night, Sunday June 14th and A day that will long be Remembered by the 28th CT, Vol, for at three o’clock on that morning we were called upon to make an attack or Charge upon Port Hudson, and before sun rise the Battle was Raging fiercely, we Drove them for half a mile and got a number of Cannons half a nearer to heir main works…A Bayonett Charge must be made up on their Batteries, and two Charges were made and the men were cut down like grass before the scythe…

Book V p. 3, Port Hudson: Doctors and Medicine

…June 24…I lay kicking around the woods for three or four Days. Pretending to be taking Doct. Lyon Camphor and Opium Pills, for this was the only medicin he used for anybody or any Complaint, it is true I took his Pills, for I had to or else do Duty. Before I was realy able to, but I Buried them or Planted them in the ground to see if they would not grow, in Case the old Doctor should get out of Pills, for it I had Put. That he gave me, down my throat they would have had me Planted long before this…

Book V p. 5, Port Hudson

July 4th and Port Hudson is not ours yet, But it will be ours before another week Passes by for it they do not surrender it will be taken by a Storme, for it must inevitable fall the next attempt. The Rebels are Deserting and Coming into our lines Every Day, by the 5, 10, 20 and 50…

The Diaries of Noah W. Hoyt: Timeline
Record Group 16: The Diaries of Noah W. Hoyt

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The Diaries of Noah W. Hoyt: Timeline
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