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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Stamford's Civil War: At Home and in the Field
a 2003 Exhibit and more

Civil War Timeline for Stamford, Connecticut

1862 1863 1864 1865
January 25 Lorenzo Meeker, Captain of Stamford Light Guard, issues invitation to meeting on February 1st to all wishing to enlist.
April 12 Start of military conflict at Fort Sumter.
April 15 President Lincoln calls for volunteers.
April 19 Meeting called to raise the "men and means for the war," Ex-Governor William T. Minor presides. John Davenport, Secretary. Addressing the meeting: Thomas G. Ritch, Esq., Rev. P. S. Evans, H.F. Osborn, Rev. E.B. Huntington, Jacob Kreig, G.B. Glendining, Cpt. Lorenzo Meeker and James Betts. William P. Jones, Esq. gifts drum to group of recruits.

Committee appointed to raise funds. Hon. James H. Hoyt, Isaac Quintard, Charles Brown, William Skiddy and Albert Seely members. A sum of $4500.00 pledged.

April First recruits join. Theodore Miller and Theodore Delacroix head list of 30 names.

Provision made for the raising of a National Flag.

April 28 First company of Stamford recruits (39 men); four members, Wells Allis, Theodore Miller, Theodore Delacroix and Peter Rooney, had been appointed a committee to enroll other volunteers.

Company addressed by Rev. P.S. Evans of Baptist Church and Rev. Weed of the Methodist Church. This group of recruits became Company F, 3rd Connecticut Volunteers.

May 4 Special Town Meeting called by 50 citizens headed by William Skiddy, Joseph D. Warren and James H. Olmstead, Esq. William H. Holly chosen Chairman of the Meeting. Resolution passed:

Resolved: By the inhabitants of the town of Stamford, in special town meeting, legally warned and assembled on this 4th day of May, 1861, that a tax of one and a half mills on the dollar, of the assessment list of this town last perfected, be and is hereby levied, to be forthwith collected and paid into the treasury of this town, to constitute a fund to defray the expenses in the foregoing preamble; also to provide pecuniary aid and relief to the families of such volunteers as have gone or may go in company or companies organized in this town, during the absence of such volunteers.

Stephen B. Provost, Andrew Perry, Jr., M. Hall, Josiah Smith, and William Todd form a committee to audit the bills of expense incurred and dispense aid to volunteer families. Each wife at $3 per week, each child under 15 at $1 per week, each widowed mother dependent on son for support at $3 per week.

May Lorenzo Meeker assembles second company of recruits to be made available.

Woman of Stamford begin to organize patriotic efforts and relief through their churches. Woman give a banner to lead Company F, 3rd CT Volunteers.

Creation of Stamford's Home Guards for those who could not go into the field.

July 2 Creation of the SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY. Composed of ladies representing the Congregational, Episcopal, Baptists, Methodist, and Universalist denominations of the village. Provided necessities and funds to soldiers and their families throughout the war. Weekly meetings at private homes.

Presidents of the Soldiers' Aid Society included: Mrs. Theodore Davenport, Mrs. Truman Smith, Mrs. Mary E. Miller and Mrs. H. B. Starr. Vice President: Mrs. E. Francis; Corresponding Secretary Miss C. Tomlinson; Secretaries: Miss Catherine Aiken and Miss A. Lowell. Treasurer: Miss Laura E Porter.

The Board of Management included: Mrs. Ann Ebbets, Mrs. M. F. Merritt, Mrs. G. A. Hoyt, Mrs. J. W. Hubbard, Mrs. James Warner, Mrs. J. H. Carrington, Mrs. R. E. Rice, Mrs. James Betts, Mrs. C. E. Warren, Mrs. J. L.Lockwood, Mrs. Mary E. Miller, Mrs. Woodford, Mrs. C. Weed, Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. E. Webb, Mrs. William Hoyt, Mrs. Albert Seely, Mrs. H. Weed, Mrs. Dr. Hurlbutt, Mrs. H. M. Humphrey, Mrs. J. B. Knapp, Mrs. William G. Betts, Miss Sarah Hall, Miss Susan Daskam, Miss Mary Lockwood, Miss Imogene Macien and A. Crom.

Society sent supplies to David's Island and others in hospital. Mrs. Truman Smith organized regular visitations to the Island.

July 4 William Skiddy raises the National Flag made in Stamford on new flag-staff erected in town center.

National Festival Committee includes: Hon. M. F. Merritt, William P. Jones, G. K. Riker, J. A. Candee, James H. Olmstead, Edwin Bishop, James W. Daskan, Andrew Perry and Samuel Lockwood. Hon. Charles Hawley appointed President; Hon. William T. Minor, Hon. Truman Smith Stephen B. Provost, Hon. James H. Hoyt, William Skiddy, Robert Swartwout, J. W. Hubbard, Joseph B. Hoyt, William R. Fosdick, J. W. Leeds, Charles Pitt and Theodore J. Daskam, Vice Presidents. Addresses were made by Hon. Charles Hawley, Rev. William C. Hoyt, Hon. Stewart L. Woodford, Rev. R. R. Booth and Rev. P. S. Evans.

A patriotic poem was read by Rev. Walter Mitchell and the Star Spangled Banner sung by Theodore Lockwood, Sands Seely and Isaac Wardwell.

September 5 Meeker's company, less some recruits who had joined other regiments in the interim, was mustered in as Company D, 6th Connecticut Volunteers.
September Other recruits from Stamford join Company G, 10th Connecticut Volunteers.
September 27 From the Advocate of this date:

"Books for subscription to the National Loan were opened Tuesday in this place by John W. Leeds, Esq., agent for the government, and in two days $34,000 were subscribed. This is in addition to subscription heretofore made by the Stamford Bank $65,000 and the Savings Bank for $45,000."

Winter School children donate writing materials for soldiers in the field including 83 quires of paper, 75 packages of envelopes, 200 lead pencils with erasers, postage stamps tracts, and books.
February Soldiers' Aid Society had by this month donated 1288 different articles of clothing, besides medicines and provisions. In the year 1862, 602 pairs of socks alone were donated.

July '61 - February '62: $6476.18 had been collected and dispersed, much spent on materials for clothing.

Summer U.S. Government calls for 300,000 more men.
July 18 Meeting held in Seely's Hall to devise ways and means for furnishing Stamford's quota. Effort led and meeting organized by William T. Minor, J. B. Ferris, A. N. Holly, James. H. Olmstead, James L. Lockwood, B. J. Daskam, Andrew Perry, A. G. Clark, David H. Clark, Charles, Holly, William S. Campbell, Chauncey Ayres, A. G. Brady, and Albert Seely. Oliver Hoyt presides over meeting. Addresses made by Rev. H. K. Barlett of the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Mr. Cox, a Methodist clergyman of St. Louis and Hon. Stewart L. Woodford.

Meeting called for following Thursday, July 24.

July 24

George Elder, Esq. presides; Vice Presidents: Charles Hawley, Truman Smith, A. N. Holly, George A. Hoyt, Stephen B. Provost, William T. Minor, Oliver Hoyt, William Sklddy, Welles R. Ritch, Isaac Quintard, Joseph B. Hoyt, Theodore Davenport, John Ferguson, Smith Weed, Charles Williams, H. K. Skelding, John B. Reed, Charles Pitt, J. B. Ferris, E. P. Whitney, Thomas Crane, Charles Hendrie, William R. Fosdick, Charles H. Starr, Morgan Morgans, James H. Hoyt, James B. Scofield, Oliver Scofield, Thomas Gardner, Seymour Hoyt, N. E. Adams, J. H. Carrington, J. W. Hubbard, J. D. Weeks, Alfred Hoyt, S. B. Thompson, T. S. Hall, J. B. Knapp, G. F. Nesbitt, Lyman Lockwood, John Hecker, and Charles H. Scofield. - Secretaries: D. H. Clark, F.R. Leeds, George E. Scofield, and F. M. Hawley.

Addresses made by Hon. William T. Minor, Rev. Walter Mitchell, Col. William H. Noble (of Bridgeport), Thomas G. Ritch, Esq, and James H. Olmstead, Esq. A total of $2,500 pledged, from $500 from Stamford Manufacturing Co. to $5. By the next week the pledged amount rose to $3,000.

August 13 Allen G. Brady, Esq. (Lt. Col. 3rd CT Vol.) and in business in Stamford, reports to the Advocate of this date:

"I send herewith a list of the volunteer company which will leave today for camp at Bridgeport. It is a list of which we may well be proud. The first name was entered on the 18th of last month, and the last on the 11th inst., making 109 names enrolled in twenty four days."

Brady was aided in raising the company by Lts. Charles A. Hobby and Marcus Waterbury.

At 1:00 PM a farewell ceremony was held in front of Seely's Hall. Prayers were offered by Rev. Walter Mitchell.

August 15 Francis R. Leeds, recently cashier of the Stamford Bank, was authorized to recruit a company.

On this date a meeting was held with addresses given by Hon. James C. Loomis of Bridgeport, Cyrus Northrop, later Professor in Yale College, and Mr. Leeds.

August 29 Leeds had filled his company, 110 men had enrolled.
Late Summer Responding to the appeals of Rev. P. S. Evan regarding the 17th CT need for a Chaplain's tent, Stamford citizens subscribe one half the necessary funds.

Stamford Soldiers' Aid Society (already at work for a year providing clothing and other necessities for soldiers) collects donations for the 1500 Union Soldiers recently arrived to the hospital on David's Island, NY. Members go to the facility to minister to the sick and wounded.

August 30 1st Lt. Charles H. Brown of Leeds's company is surprised at a meeting of his friends, where he is presented with a sword by the Hon. M. F. Merritt and James H. Olmstead.

2nd Lt. Philip Lever is presented with a sword given by his friends and also by a seven shooter given by Mr. Judd of the Phoenix Company.

September 3 Departure of Captain Leeds and his company. James Morsell, Esq. presents him with a sword.
September 3 Cyrus D. Jones, Esq., of High Ridge, is authorized by Governor to raise another company. Special Town Meeting held, provided quota due from Stamford. Meeting voted to borrow $10,000 and give $100 bounty to all who would join Jones' company.
September 3-10 Daily meetings held in Turn of River, High and Low Ridges, to fill quota.
September 10 William H. Holly announces he is authorized to add $10 more per bounty of the next 10 volunteers on behalf of an anonymous donor. Oliver Hoyt adds five dollars to the $10 announced by Holly and five more for each additional man who should enlist and the same for those who had already sworn in.

PM: George Elder and Oliver Hoyt pledge to give $25 additional bounty to every man in the company.

September 15 Jones' company is full. Farewell ceremony held at Seely's Hall. No more companies are formally raised in Stamford after this one.
September 21 Service at the Methodist Church. Captain C.D. Jones presented with a sword by the Sunday School of the Church. Presentation made by Oliver Hoyt, Esq.
October 5 Baptist Church service. Sunday School of the church presents a sword to Lt. John Simms, one of the school teachers. Rev. P. S. Evans gives the address.
November Jones' and Leeds' companies become both part of 28th Connecticut Volunteers. Stamford contributes colors to the companies and regiment. James H. Olmstead and Oliver Hoyt secured the funds.
November 15 Olmstead and Hoyt present flag in the name of Stamford's citizens to the 28th Col. Ferris, of Stamford, accepts the flag on behalf of the 28th.

  Special calls continue to be made by U.S. Christian Commission for Army and Navy.
March 18 Meeting at Seely's Hall raises $1100.
Summer Provision made at public expense, that the draft which had been ordered need not bear unjustly on those Stamford townsmen, who were unable to meet the expense of substitutes.
August 4 A vote provided a bounty of $300 to every drafted man accepted by the Government.

June 2 Meeting raises $1500. By war's end some $5,000 raised for Christian Commission.

The total appropriation made for war purposes between April 1861 and October 11 1865 was $75,627.85.

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