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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
Photos and Objects from Our Collection

Wilbur Lewis Homes

45 Prospect Street 28 Crescent Street
45 Prospect Street 28 Crescent Street

Shown in the exhibit are the houses owned by Wilbur E. Lewis, as well as family photos.

His first house was at 45 Prospect Street. It was still standing in 1967. The photo label says it was a “handsome residence.”

Later, he moved to 28 Crescent Street in Glenbrook next to Glenbrook School. The house was built for him in 1893 by Gus Raymond. A Mr. Rew carved the newel post on the stairway. The house was demolished around 1980 to make room for apartments.

The Toledo steam runabout.
the Toledo steam runabout

Mr. Lewis (1856-1921) tried his hand at many businesses: As a druggist, he co-owned, with Dr. Francis Rogers, Lewis & Rogers, the “Little Store around the Corner” on Atlantic Street above Park Place, “Drugs, Fancy Goods, and Perfumery.” Later, with Charles Baldy, he started the Lewis & Baldy Acme Bottling Works, which, after he had sold it, he still managed for several years. He was also listed as a “commercial traveler,” went into the real estate business, and was associated with the Clear Phone Co.

1878-80 Stamford Borough Directory
advertisement for Lewis and Rogers

Mr. Lewis was active in the affairs of Glenbrook, and he gave Stamford the first toboggan slide, from Strawberry Hill to Bedford Street.

Family photos displayed show Mr. Lewis in his automobiles with and without his family; his daughter Hazel and Beatrice Bromfield; and Frank Trowbridge, Hazel, and son Clarence.

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