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Mrs. Katherine T.S. Coley, with the plaque honoring Charlotte D.S. CruikshankThe Stamford Historical Society Presents

Chairs from the Charlotte D. S. Cruikshank Collection

Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
Photos and Objects from Our Collection

Pictures from the Opening Reception

It was a great pleasure to welcome as our special guest Mrs. Katherine T. S. Coley, Mrs. Cruikshank's niece. She vividly described life at the Cruikshank home with its many antiques when she used to visit her aunt and uncle as a young child.

Above, she is seen looking at the plaque honoring Charlotte Dewing Smith Cruikshank.

Mrs.Coley and Margaret Bowen, curator for the chair exhibit Margaret Bowen and Society members Dorothy and John Mix
Mrs. Coley and Margaret Bowen, curator for the chair exhibit. Margaret Bowen chatting with Society members Dorothy and John Mix.
Society Member Janet Thorpe looks at the photo exhibit Rosemary Vacca and her chair decorations
Society member Janet Thorpe looking at the Bendel photo album. Exhibit committee members Sara and Patrick Brennan in the background. Exhibit committee member Rosemary Vacca
created this chair arrangement.
Executive Director Thomas Zoubek welcomes guests Mrs. Coley reminiscing
Executive Director Dr. Thomas Zoubek welcomes guests. Mrs. Coley chatting about her aunt.
Exhibit committee members listen to Mrs. Coley's talk
Listening to Mrs. Coley. From right, committee members Patrick Brennan, Charles Bowen,
Claudia Steers and Sara Brennan, and Irene Hahn, curator for the photo exhibit.
Mrs. Coley and Society member Anne Ramsey Margaret Bowen's gallery talk
Society member Anne Ramsey and Mrs. Coley in front of the display of the photos which Mrs. Ramsey is graciously lending to the Society for the exhibit. Margaret Bowen giving a gallery talk.
Jane Flounders, Chairman of the Board Irene Hahn and Anne Ramsey
Jane Flounders, Chairman of the Board and Rosemary Vacca Irene Hahn and Anne Ramsey

Victorian Tea & Talk

Photos © Stamford Historical Society

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Best Seats in the House
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Pictures from the Opening Reception
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