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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Portrait of a Family: Stamford through the Legacy of the Davenports

Stamford’s Colonial Period 1641–1783
Maps and Settlement Information

map of Stamford boundaries, 1865The Stamford of 1685

This map, from E. B. Huntington's History of Stamford, shows the original territory covered by the purchase of Capt. Turner for the Wethersfield dissidents. Shaded areas show the portions cut off for the new towns as they were organized. In 1700 the present town line was drawn on the north, leaving the land north of it in Pound Ridge, North Castle and Bedford, New York. In 1801 the northeast section of town was set off as part of New Canaan and in 1820, all land lying east of the Noroton river was incorporated as Darien.

Stamford 1681-1700

By this time many inhabitants of Stamford lived to the east, the north, and the west of the center of the village.

The Early Settlement of Stamford, Connecticut

Jeanne Majdalany, Heritage Books 1991
by permission of the author
key to dwellings
The numbers on the map are the key to the dwellings listed below.

Dwelling # Owner(s)
1 Abraham Finch; John Finch (no house)
1A Abraham Finch
2 Samuel Finch
3 Daniel Scofield
4 Samuel Dean
5 Samuel Dean?
6 Samuel Hardy; Thomas Wood; 1700 Samuel Weed
7 Isaac Finch
7A 1700 Samuel Blackley
7B 1700 Isaac Finch
8 Benjamin Guen; Joseph Stevens; Thomas Newman; Elisha Holly
9 Elisha Holly
10 Obadiah Stevens
11 Samuel Hoyt
12, 13 Jonathan & John Selleck; Peter Ferris; 1700 Joseph Ferris
14 Peter Ferris; Peter Ferris Jr.
15 John Bates; 1700 John Bates Jr.
16 Abraham Ambler d. 1700
17 Richard Ambler d. 1700
18 Heirs of John Jagger; Jonathan Jagger; 1700 Simon Chapman
19 Jonathan & John Selleck; Benjamin Hoyt
20 Sons of John Bishop; Ebenezer Bishop; Town and for parsonage; 1700 John Davenport
21 John Scofield
22 Daniel Weed; 1700 heirs of Daniel Weed
23 John Bishop 1700 Benjamin Bishop
24 Joseph Lockwood
25 Heirs of Richard Webb; 1700 Samuel Webb
26 John Pettit, d.; John Pettit; 1700 Jonas Weed, Jr.
27 Jonas Weed; 1700 Jonas Weed, Sr.
27A Thomas Newman; Joseph Stevens; John Arnold; Moses Knap, Jr.; Henry Kimball; Daniel Weed, Jr.; 1700 Jonas Weed, Jr.
28 Heirs of Richard Webb; 1700 Samuel Webb
29 John Judson; Town House; Ebenezer Bishop; 1700 John Pettit
30 Moses Knap
31 Richard Scofield; 1700 John Smith
32, 33 John Weed; 1700 heirs of John Weed
34, 35 Jonathan Law
36 Joseph Garnsey; Zachariah Roberts; 1700 John Finch, Jr.
37 Joseph Stevens
38 Widow Sarah Selleck
39 Clement Buxton
40 John Holly (no house)
40A Jonathan Holly; 1700 John Holly, Sr.
41 John Smith
42 Samuel Holly
43 Cornelius Jones, d. 1690; 1700 heirs of Cornelius Jones
44 Joseph Jones, d. 1690; 1700 heirs of Joseph Jones
45 John Gold?
46 Obadiah Seeley
47 Jonathan Holly
48 George Slason; 1700 Jonathan Waterbury
49 Jonathan Waterbury
50 Heirs of John Waterbury; widow Mary Waterbury
51 Francis Brown; Joseph Brown
52 Jonathan Selleck
53 Francis Bell; Jonathan Bell
53A Jonathan Bell
54 John Slason
55 John Crissy; 1700 John Bishop
56 Stephen Holmes
57 Daniel Newman; 1700 Thomas Newman
58 Jeremiah Andrews; John Finch; 1700 John Pettit
59 John Bates, Sr.
60 Jeremiah Jagger; 1700 heirs of Jeremiah Jagger
61 Caleb Knap
62 John Austin; 1700 heirs of John Austin
63 Increase Holly
64 Francis Brown (moved to Rye in 1686); Joseph Brown

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Stamford’s Colonial Period 1641-1783
The Later 18th Century and Stamford’s American Revolution
The Coming of the Railroad, Immigrants and Industrialization

John Davenport: The American Career of an International Puritan
(Francis J. Bremer)

Davenports gather to launch exhibit at Historical Society

Elizabeth Davenport Spence 1907-1998
(The Benefactress)

John Davenport 1597-1669/70
(The Founder)
John Davenport 1669-1730/31
Abraham Davenport 1715-1789
James Davenport 1716-1755
John Davenport 1752-1830
James Davenport 1758-1797
Theodore Davenport 1792-1884
Theodore Davenport Jr. 1834-1913
John Davenport 1840-1910
Abraham Davenport 1767-1837
Amzi Benedict Davenport 1817-1894
Benjamin Butler Davenport 1871-1958
Noah Welles 1718-1776
Galen Carter 1832-1893
Samuel Fessenden 1847-1908
Charles Henry Crandall 1858-1923
Charles Davenport Lockwood 1877-1949

Davenport Coat of Arms
Davenport Homestead

The Dark Day