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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Portrait of a Family: Stamford through the Legacy of the Davenports

A Map of the Road in Stamford, Surveyed November 28th 1823
by Solomon Clason [1766-1848], County Surveyor

This map depicts the center of downtown Stamford less than a year before General Lafayette’s visit here in 1824, as part of his triumphant tour of America. Since the few buildings that survived into the age of photography are accurately delineated, it is reasonable to assume that the others are equally correct.

1823 map of Stamford

Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Bennett B. Kirk, Jr.

Also on display in the exhibit:

A Map of the Village of Stamford 1837, Executed by Wm. H. Holly

The home of Theodore Davenport (1792-1884) is delineated.

William Henry Holly (1798-1867) served Stamford as editor and publisher of the Stamford Advocate, county surveyor, appraiser and proprietor of a lending library. In addition, he held other situations as auctioneer, Town Clerk, communal orator at festive occasions, member of the State Commission on the boundary dispute between New York and Connecticut, bookseller and Judge of Probate.

Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Rockwell Gardiner


Stamford’s Colonial Period 1641-1783
The Later 18th Century and Stamford’s American Revolution
The Coming of the Railroad, Immigrants and Industrialization

John Davenport:
The American Career of an International Puritan
(Francis J. Bremer)

Davenports gather to launch exhibit at Historical Society

Elizabeth Davenport Spence 1907-1998
(The Benefactress)

John Davenport 1597-1669/70
(The Founder)
John Davenport 1669-1730/31
Abraham Davenport 1715-1789
James Davenport 1716-1755
John Davenport 1752-1830
James Davenport 1758-1797
Theodore Davenport 1792-1884
Theodore Davenport Jr. 1834-1913
John Davenport 1840-1910
Abraham Davenport 1767-1837
Amzi Benedict Davenport 1817-1894
Benjamin Butler Davenport 1871-1958
Noah Welles 1718-1776
Galen Carter 1832-1893
Samuel Fessenden 1847-1908
Charles Henry Crandall 1858-1923
Charles Davenport Lockwood 1877-1949

Davenport Coat of Arms
Davenport Homestead

The Dark Day